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WhatsApp Spy Uses


You can learn more by reading the testimonials of people on how WhatsApp Spy has helped them get information on people and the different benefits.

WhatsApp Spy is powered with an advanced surveillance technology that enables you to:

Monitor the devices of your staffs and be a Better Businessperson - Monitor Employee Mobile Devices

Some employees make use of devices given to them by the company for personal things or things that aren’t work related. This isn’t professional and as an employer you should be able to keep track on it especially if they are incurring expenses for you by sending personal text messages and making lengthy calls. Perhaps you suspect that one of your employees is sharing vital information about your company with unauthorized people? WhatsApp Spy has what it takes to keep tabs on your devices and keep your business in check even when they are trying to cover their tracks. WhatsApp Spy server works such that as soon as activity takes place information is loaded, so you can have access to it long after the smartphone's inner logs have been erased. With WhatsApp Spy you can keep track on organization owned automobiles, with integrated GPS tracking technology to inform you of where your gadgets are going and the time. Your web-based Control Panel is available 24/7 for you to have access to this information anytime through any device and web browser.

Better Parenting – Guard Your Children

The world today is full of pending dangers, fortunately you have what it takes to be a good and responsible parent at your finger tip. GPS tracking with WhatsApp Spy gives you the opportunity to keep track of your children time to time, you can have access to their travel history and destination. You can also know who they have been making calls to and for how long. With GPS monitoring and phone logs you can tell if they are engaging in activities that are dangerous like texting while driving. When your kids understand that their mobile device is monitored, they may not be able to cover their tracks.

Be Smarter with Mobile Data Backup

You can monitor your own data consumption by using automated and fail-secure backups. Perhaps you need to go down memory lane to know when you last talked to someone or the content of a text message you sent to them. Where you are per time physically and even your data details are stored on your Whatsapp Spy account and you can get this information from the online control panel anytime of the day. You can keep proofs for any occasion be it disputes or get details of a lost phone on your account. Don’t be worried about your private information getting out there, they are secure and safe. Just in case you lose your phone or it gets spoilt, you can still get back all your information and logs using your online WhatsApp Spy backup.