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WhatsApp Spy Features

Tracking Calls

All devices

Are you interested in getting someone’s call history? Do you want to know who called and every other details about the call? WhatsApp Spy is for you!

SMS Interception

All devices

Perhaps you send text messages and they get lost on the way or maybe people complain of not receiving the sms you sent them? WhatsApp Spy is here to help ensure that your messages are sent and received.

Monitoring of Email

All devices

Emails carry important information, if you are trying to hack anyone then read the content of their email.

GPS Tracking

All devices

You can get updates on people’s GPS Location and find out about their route history without any hassle.

Monitor Browsing History

All devices

Whatsapp Spy helps in checking of browsing history, this is because what most users do on the web is through their smart phones.

Get Calendar and Contact Details

All devices

Do you want to get someone’s phone book details or their calendar? WhatsApp Spy has what it takes to help you extract this.

Intercept Instant Messages

iOS, Android

You can hack their Viber, Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp and spy on them to know what is going on, everything comes openly to you.

Access Their Photos and Videos

All devices

Need specific information about someone, get access to their photos and videos via WhatsApp Spy to get access to all their multimedia content.