The Top Quality Service of the WhatsApp Hack


WhatsApp Spy supports all major smartphone and mobile device platforms: BlackBerry, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) that is on most mobile phones: Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc. Please see the list below for phones known to work with WhatsApp Spy.

Compatible Operating Systems

Compatible Phones


  • Phone to be used or hacked has to be a smartphone.
  • You do not need any installation or physically have the phone.
  • No Jail Break needed for iPhones.
  • It is compatible with both Windows Phone OS and BlackBerry 10 OS.
  • It can also track Skype, Facebook, Gmail, and Viber on both iOS devices and Android.

Note that phones can be sold or advertised under a different name. If you can’t find your phone on our compatibility list, please contact our team and constantly get back to us regarding the models we add subsequently.

Irrespective of the carrier or Data Company, WhatsApp Spy can help you in hacking any mobile device or smartphone


Is WhatsApp Spy not working on your device? It is probably time you get a new one for just less than hundred dollars. Why not enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp Spy by getting a compatible phone, we would actually advice you to get an iPhone, Android, and Blackberry to maximize the best