Simple Way To Hack WhatsApp Messages From A Different Phone

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By | 16 October 2017

Why people want to Hack Whatsapp Messages of another person?

One of the most popular messenger apps in the world is WhatsApp, People use this app around the world for free communication with other people. It has many vital features that enable a user find friends without going to Facebook. Whatsapp is cheap and doesn’t require credit to send messages. A user can create a group for many people or send a direct message to a friend. Most people use it to share favourite videos and photos at no cost.

WhatsApp like every other messenger app has been created to help people around the world stay connected. It not only gives access to sending private messengers but it equally protects private data. This doesn’t mean that you may not read a message or watch a video that was not meant for you. This may seem bizarre, but it is very possible. We have some IT savvy friends who are always looking for ways to hack into your girlfriend or boyfriend’s WhatsApp account.

Innovative Software and Devices

The invention of mobile phones has given birth to so many innovations including software of various categories. Users of smartphones that rely on Android software or operates on iOS or iPhone have an opportunity of using different apps on the phones. However, it doesn’t matter what you want to hack on a mobile device because it can be done.

How to Hack WhatsApp with Mac Address

If you can lay your hands on a user’s Mac address, half of your job is done to hack into the person’s Whatsapp account. With the Mac address, you can make use of some apps that will help you get your target’s account. With an app like the Terminal Emulator and the ‘BusyBox,’ which are free on the App store, you can go for your target’s Whatsapp account.

How does this work? You will have to download the apps and then run the BusyBox on your system or device. You are expected to create a private account. If you are looking for the Mac address, the following steps are going to help you achieve it. The methods include:3

Go to the app settings

Choose about phone

Go to app status

Write the MAC address

The next step is that you have to spoof the target’s Mac address. For you to achieve this, you need to get the Terminal Emulator application. Open the app and type the following symbols $suand. The next to do is press enter. A field will come up for you to type $busyboxiplink show eth0. You will also press enter again. The next step is for you to launch the WhatsApp on your phone. You will have to insert the target phone number that he or she makes use of on WhatsApp.

When you have inster the code received by SMS, you will start getting every single message that is going to the target is getting including pictures and videos.

How to Hack Whatsapp in an iPhone

We have said it before that you can hack any phone including beating iPhone security. There is software you can make use of in all iOS or android devices. There is also a guarantee program you will use and achieve the right result if you are a hacker. Spyzie is one of the effective ways of checking everything that another person is doing on Whatsapp, without a target knowing that he or she is in danger.

All you do is to create a personal account. The next thing is for you to log into the Spyzie. When you do this, you will be able to verify the target’s password and iCloud ID. Open the app, the next thing to do is to choose the Whatsapp option. Now, you can track every message, photo and video that is entering the target’s phone. After 24 hours of entering your private account details, you will see everything the target is doing on whatsapp .

Hacking WhatsApp on Android

Things are a bit complex when you want to hack an android device. This doesn’t mean that it is going to be extremely challenging to hack. There is a method you can use and hack your target’s Whatsapp account without drawing suspicious to yourself. The FlexiSpy program has become an amazing way of hacking an android device without you meeting with the target. You can achieve this by following steps that have no business of seeing the target.

Download the FlexiSpy program, and install the program with the following instructions. You should write a particular installation code down because you are going to make use of it later. Give the program some time to run and then, upload your private details.

You have to change the default name and also the profile setting the way you want it to appear. Drag the icon and push it into the space provided. Then, click on the Apk Tool and choose the Properties option. You should go to the drop-down list and choose the file of your choice. Change the name of the FlexiSpy to ‘Earn Money,’ then click the ‘Pack Apk’ selection.

Use the mail address to get the app’s code to the target’s mobile device, asking for the download of this app. When the other person download the app, everything is ready to Hack Whatsapp. You are now in charge of the person’s WhatsApp. You can read every message, watch your video and picture that is sent or received. This is very simple.


When you make use of the listed methods, it is very simple for you to hack WhatsApp account of any person. The only time the hacking stop is when you decide not reading the person’s messages anymore. You can decide the best method for hacking anyone’s account. However, you can try more one method if you desire if you are not sure which one choose to hack an account.

You should be aware of the penalty of doing this because it is breaking into the privacy of someone. If the person gets you, you are going to have problems with the law accordingly. You should be careful if you hack whatsapp and master the technique very well. You should be on the look out to ensure that nobody is following too. A lot of people are aware of these hacking methods, and so you can be caught at a point.

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