Fours Ways to Spy on a Person’s Whatsapp Account

spy whatsapp account
By | 16 October 2017

There are reasons for spy Whatsapp account of another person these days. The more mobile phones get complex and better, the more hackers are looking for ways to hack into their private accounts. It may be that you don’t trust your friend or partner, or you are curious to find out what is happening to your partner’s private space, whatever it is, there are many ways to get that hacking achieved. In our world today, security is paramount, but this dom´t stop people from looking for ways to break into people’s accounts.

It doesn’t matter if a person is offline on WhatsApp, you can still spy whatsapp account on a daily basis. You could read messages and tap into what is discussed and watch their videos even if they locked their app with a third-party application.

In this article, we will take you through four different ways you can spy WhatsApp account of anyone. You should be aware that some of the methods may need an application to download and install on your phone, while some will not work on all phones. Take, for instance, iPhone is designed to be security complement, and it can only take a good hacker to break into it, unlike the PC or Android’s security. The following are the ways you can use in spying a person’s WhatsApp account without drawing attention to yourself.

Spying the Online Presence of a Target

The following methods are available to spy whatsapp account on Android users because the application does not work with any other operating system. With this method, you can spy or track a WhatsApp user, whether he is online or offline. You should know beforehand that the application is not on Play Store because of its features. The good news is that you can easily find it online.

What is this application? It is called the “What’s Dog: WhatsApp Spy” and you are getting it free without paying anything. You would have to download and install it on your mobile device. When, it has been configured to your device by using the phone’s Settings ->Security. You will go to the Unknown Sources box and check.

When you install and run this application, it will open, and tehe app will ask you to provide a contact from the contact list. Immediately, you have pressed OK; now, it going to show another screen of this application. The screen is going to show you people who are online on WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter if the person’s status is saying offline. The application will track who sever you want to track, but you can track  only a person per time .

When you want to change the targeted person you are after on the application, you must delete the data of this app and begin the configuration process over again.

Read This Information before spy Whatsapp account

You should be aware that the application can allow to spy WhatsApp account on the app even if the app is locked with a third party app. You can only succeed if you have direct access to the target’s phone if there is a third party application stopping anyone from reading the messages. If you can get access to the person’s phone, all you need to do is to go to the Play Store. There is an application with the name “the Backup Text for WhatsApp”. Download this app and install ii on the phone. If you can do this, you are going to see various options that will filter the WhatsApp messages. You can choose between: by category, by date or by the message.

You can extract the type of information that you are looking for when you use the application. However, if you are after a particular message with a specific person, it is easy too. The filter by chat allows you get to the message you are looking for.

The next thing the app is going to ask you is about the format in which you want the data to export the data. The best way you can choose should be the ‘txt’ which is easier to read. The next page that will open will ask you what you where you want to export the messages to. You can export the message to the SD card, an email or hard drive. One of the best ways of getting this is through the email.

The WhatsApp Website

This method may be the easiest method, but it comes with a clause whether you are using an iPhone, Android or PC. You should know when the person is coming online to chat or use the WhatsApp app. If you cannot get this information, it is going to be ineffective and inefficient.

There is a web version of WhatsApp, the name is the WhatsApp web. This version takes care of all the information and allows a laptop or PC to access it. This one requires that you make use of phone of the target. If you can lay hold of the target’s phone, open the WhatsApp and quickly choose the WhatsApp Web.

Check the top right corner of the app, there is a symbol, “+”, press it. It will open for you a QR scanner. Don’t tamper with it. Open the WhatsApp Web on a PC and look for that QR Code, when you see it, scan the target’s phone with it. Immediately, you will have access to the WhatsApp at any time you wish.

The MAC Spoofing

The Mac Spoofing is the most complex method. You may not be able to use this method if you are not technically inclined. It is one method that only good hackers who are IT experts can use. For android users, they will have their mobile devices rooted for it to work. The method gives you access to run a replica WhatsApp of a person on your mobile phone. This means that you need to physically access the device of the targeted person for some minutes. When you get the phone of the target, you should get the Mac address. If the person is an android user, simply go to “Settings” and then move through About Phone -> Status ->Wi-Fi MAC address. While for iPhone owners, go through Settings -> General -> About ->Wi-Fi Address.

When you get the Mac address, you must change your phone address to that address. This is where the technical knowledge comes in. However, there are guides you can lay your hands upon online. When you have done, you can install WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Add the phone number of the targeted person on it, and this will help you access the account.

It is important that you use the four options to spy Whatsapp account with caution. If you open an unread message, you may be caught easily and that may be trouble for you.

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