3 Easy Ways to Hack a Whatsapp Account

hack whatsapp account
By | 16 October 2017

 This is not a tutorial on how to infringe on someone’s fundamental right to privacy . All the info available here to hack whatsapp account is already on Google but takes some time to find it.

What the article hopes is to make you aware of the methods potential intruders may use.

We are not expert hackers so we cannot go into the depths of what expert hackers would do.

The chances of having your WhatsApp account targeted by an actual hacker are very small. We will limit this article to describing methods which someone who is not a professional might be tempted to use.

If you have reason to believe you are a victim of a professional, we advise you to skip this article and to ask another professional for help. True hackers’ use techniques are not usually very public.

A warning

Before we get into the actual techniques, here’s a clear warning. This is for anyone attempting to use the information in this article to illegally hack WhatsApp account of someone´s correspondence or send messages in their name. The popular vulnerabilities are publics and are on internet since some years. But it’s highly possible that future changes in software will render them obsolete, thus also making your hacking attempt futile at best – if not exposing it to the would-be victim.

If you still want to use these methods against someone, you are doing it at your own risk and in full awareness of the legal repercussions of your actions.

What can someone gains by hacking a WhatsApp account?

Depending on the method used, hack WhatsApp account can give the intruder one of the following privileges:

  1. Access to your WhatsApp history

  2. The possibility of logging into WhatsApp as you, from their phone

  3. Both of the above

We will explore three common methods  to hack whatsapp account based on these, each method corresponding to one of the points of the above list, in this order.

Stealing your WhatsApp database

On top of its many features, the most attractive thing about WhatsApp is its commitment to privacy.

This is due in part to the app’s purely phone-based functioning. WhatsApp never stores anything online. Your WhatsApp message history  in a database file which only exists, with encryption, on your phone. You can choose the option to save this file on-line. In this case the encryption still prevents anyone from accessing it unless they have the encryption key – at least in theory.

What someone has to do in order to read your WhatsApp history is to have access to this file and to decrypt it?

  • On a non-rooted Android device, the only file you have access to is the encrypted one. The path is on the SD card:


  • If your Android device is rooted, you also have access to the unencrypted database on the device, at


And to the encryption key at


  • On an iPhone, the path of the database is


and it can be extracted with iPhone Backup Extractor.

The encryption of this database can be break with various on-line tools, or locally in command-line if the would-be hacker also has your encryption key. Therefore all that someone needs to do in order to get these is to access to your phone, your SD card or both. Make sure to lock your phone screen  and be mindful of the SD card you use with it.

How someone can hack WhatsApp account

People normally use the Whatsapp account from the device that also holds the SIM with the phone number associated with the account. Yet it is possible to use someone’s account from another phone. If the intruder has access to the message or phone call containing the required confirmation code, he can do it. Log in with the same phone number on a second device is possible if WhatsApp believes the devices are the some. For this, the would-be hacker would need to get your MAC address – that is the network addresses of your physical phone, which is unique to it – and make their device, appear as if it had the same address. Here’s how to do it, step by step:

  • Accessing your phone – The first and most important prerequisite is that for the whole duration of the so-called hack, the person doing it has physical access to your phone. If you suspect an attempted WhatsApp account theft, you can look for potential traces left on your phone by a not-so-careful hacker when they used it for the duration of the operation.

  • Getting your MAC address – This is the unique, physical address your device has on any network. You can find it in your phone’s settings. Make sure you never allow anyone to know this address.

  • Spoofing / changing their MAC address to look like yours

Spoofing means making the device appear to have a different MAC address than it actually does. The would-be hacker can do this by installing certain apps on their phone. Detailed tutorials on how to spoof or change your phone’s MAC are available on-line. So, anyone can learn this very easily.

  • Getting the confirmation code from your phone – the final step is that in which the hacker will need to enter the confirmation code sent by WhatsApp to your number via SMS or phone call. After this step they will no longer need your phone.

The only way to prevent this is to make sure nobody has unwanted access to your phone. Locking your screen should suffice. Once again, if by any chance you know your phone’s MAC address, make sure nobody else ever knows it.

Installing a spy app on your phone

Installing a spy app to hack whatsapp account requires that the intruder has physical access to your phone for long enough to install the app.

Doing that on someone’s phone without the person’s knowledge is a seriously illegal action, and the sooner it is found out, the better.

What spy apps do

A spy app will give the spy access to everything on your phone, from call history to messages to all apps and even to a record you’re every keystroke. Of course , the profesional can hack whatsapp account too.


The best way to protect against illegal use of spy apps is to never give anyone you don’t trust access to your phone when you’re not around. Simply keep your screen locked and you are safe.

Worst case scenario

Maybe you suspect that you may have a spy app  installed on your phone without your knowledge.  In the long run this involves someone willing to pay money each month in order to watch your activity. So, you should look up security apps and methods of manually detecting the spy app yourself. The Internet is full of helpful advice for this, which is complex and beyond the immediate scope of this article.

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